The “Faith in Manchester” vision

Manchester, as you know, is a vibrant city. It’s a city with faith in itself and faith in its people.

It’s also a city where many people have a vibrant Christian faith. That faith doesn’t make them boring. It makes them committed to their city, committed to their communities, committed to serving in innovative ways. Christians have faith in a God who loves the world and wants to see the world better than it is: more loving, more caring, more just, more green, more healthy, more prosperous.

The vision of Faith in Manchester is to showcase that vibrant Christian faith in our city and region. A team of creative local people want to put together a website, social media presence, maybe a podcast, that will host and feature content from Christians across Greater Manchester. That content will be stories, pictures, audio and video. It will tell tales of good work going on. It will carry the stories of lives being changed. It will showcase regional events and activities.

Faith in Manchester aims to serve the Church in Greater Manchester by sharing what we’re doing with each other. This should serve to encourage and to build us up, to draw us together and showcase best practice. It will cause us to pray for one another.

Faith in Manchester aims to serve the Church in Greater Manchester by bringing what Christians are doing to the attention of the wider media and the wider world. It’s hard to get the message out there, but our ministry could be an amplifier of the work of the churches and ministries its serves, to make our message heard a little louder. Because we have a wider audience in mind, we will try hard not to use Christian jargon and assume people know what Churches are talking about.

Faith in Manchester also has a dream, a wider vision, to replicate this work in other city regions and areas across the UK. Now that is thinking big!

Please pray for the work of Faith in Manchester. Please. We mean it.

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